Brand Assessment Survey

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Please evaluate your company’s brand(s) on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) on how well your company performs these best practices.  Based on your feedback, you will receive a customized Brand Assessment analysis within 48 hours.
1 My company's product or service has a strong point of difference from my competitors' product or service.

2 I can summarize my brand's positioning statement  – so can most of my company's colleagues and clients (i.e., Nike: To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world).  If so, give yourself a 5.

3 We have a clear vision and specific strategies that outline how our brand will succeed and grow in the market

4 We have a strong understanding of our consumers and competition.

5 Our brand is linked to our business's vision statement, culture, values and overall strategy.

6 Our brand strategy is consistently understood and guides the priorities of each department.  (e.g. Sales, Manufacturing, R & D).

7 Our employees can articulate or demonstrate how our offering differs from the competition.

8 We regularly survey our customers to ensure that we are providing a product or service that is valuable and relevant.

9 Our marketing communications consistently communicate our brand and competitive points of difference.

10 Our brand image is positive, and is improving.

11 All of our brand marketing communication has been cohesive and synergistic, unless there was a specific change strategy.

12 Our brand communication is effectively driving awareness and purchase interest in our products and services.

13 Our clients' experience with our products or services is consistently positive, unique and memorable.

14 Our products and services are easy to find, use, and access.

15 We receive consistently high satisfaction ratings among our customers when we conduct surveys.

16 Clients are loyal to our brand, rarely flipping between us and our competitors.

17 Our company's market share is increasing.

18 Our company's brand image and preference versus key competitors is improving.

19 We consistently launch new products/services to respond to changes in consumer needs and expectations.

20 We are maintaining 90%+ of existing customers.

  My top three competitors are:
  Any other questions or concerns that might be helpful to our assessment?